We craft authentic brands and experiences
in our studio, provide space and damn good coffee
in our café and run thoughtful workshops
in our kiosks and pop up spaces all over.


Welcome to Thoughtfully.

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Thoughtfully (formerly SB) is a creativity-driven agency that
helps small to medium-sized businesses to build better brands.


Embracing a spectrum of communication and design crafts,
such as branding, creative direction, digital development, visual identity and interior design for clients all over the world.


If you’re looking to start, build or grow your business
then we’d love to talk.


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am — 5.30pm


General Enquiries
Stephen West, Associate Director
Telephone: 0151 709 5635
Email: sw@everythingthoughtfully.co


Project Enquiries
Benji Holroyd, Creative Director
Telephone: 0208 045 0425
Email: bh@everythingthoughtfully.co

Thoughtfully Café (formerly Cow&Co Café) is home to all
our favourite things; good simple food, amazing coffee, a hand
full of our fave magazines, and an all-day bar with a unique
selection of drinks both hot and cold.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am — 6pm
Saturday 9am — 6pm Sunday 10am — 5pm


For bookings please contact Hannah Murden
Telephone: 0151 709 1516
Email: hm@everythingthoughtfully.co

Our kiosks are the newest addition to our collective,
intimate spaces for collaborations and small events.


Opening December 18′


For all enquries:
Telephone: 0151 709 5635
Email: kiosk@everythingthoughtfully.co

Thoughtfully Shop (formerly Cow&Co) feeds our obsession
for beautifully crafted goods that are either hard to find or doing well for the world we live in. From coffee to paper clips.


Launching soon.


If you’re a designer or maker then we’d love to hear from you.
Please email yo@everythingthoughtfully.co

General Enquiries

Stephen West

+44 0151 709 5635


New Business

Benji Holroyd

+44 0151 709 5635


Finance and Admin

David Hassall

+44 020 7549 2805


Cafe Enquiries

Hannah Murden

+44 0151 709 5635


Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This policy sets out how Thoughtfully (‘us’, ‘we’) collects and uses data that is submitted when you use our website.
Thoughtfully is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and any information you provide when using our website will only be used in the ways outlined in this privacy policy.

2. Why we collect your data

We only collect personal data that is submitted with a user’s consent through one of our online forms.

We do not collect sensitive data such as information on health, race, sexual orientation, religion or political beliefs. The information we collect will be limited to that required for the function that we collect the data for and that helps us to serve you as a user.

We also collect anonymised data on your navigation and interactions on out site for the purposes of tracking usage and performance information about our website. This data is used by use to improve our website, and it does not identify you as an individual.

3. How we collect your data

3.1 Cookies and analytics

Our website makes use of Google Analytics to track and monitor how visitors use our site. As a user navigates between web pages, Google Analytics records information about the page a user has seen, for example the URL of the page.
We have enabled IP anonymisation and have disabled User ID tracking, to ensure no personally identifiable data is included in these cookies.

Most internet browsers will give you the option of disabling all cookies but this can have a negative impact on your browsing experience.  It will also limit our ability to track user behaviour and make future improvements to our site.

Please refer to support pages for your particular browser for more details. To opt out of Google Analytics, you may use this tool provided by Google.

3.2 Newsletters
Our newsletter sign up form collects your email address, and is stored locally on our website database before being added to our Create and Send mailing list. We gather statistics around email opening and click rates to help us monitor and improve our newsletter.

4. How we use your data

We do not share your personal data with any third parties.

For newsletter subscriptions, your email address will be added to our Create and Send mailing list and will be used for this purpose only.

5. Who is responsible for your personal data

Google Analytics data is stored and processed by Google. Thoughtfully control the data that is transferred to Google for processing. We have ensured that any data transferred to Google is not personally identifiable. View Google’s Analytics privacy policy here.

Email addresses submitted through the newsletter subscription are controlled by Thoughtfully. We store this information on our website database before transferring it to our Create and Send mailing list which is processed through Campaign Monitor. View their privacy policy here.

6. Your data rights

6.1 Right to access

You may contact us at any time to request a copy of the personal data we have on record. This should be done by emailing us at hello@everythingthoughtfully.co. There is no charge for this service.

6.2 Right to update

You may contact us to update the personal information we hold if it is no longer correct by emailing info@x1developments.com.

6.3 Right to data portability and access

You may request a copy of any personal data we store so that you may confirm its accuracy or reuse the data for your own purposes, as well as to enquire how your data is being processed. Please contact us at hello@everythingthoughtfully.co to make your request.

6.4 Right to opt-out or restrict processing

All direct marketing communications will be done through email, and will only be sent to those user who have given their consent for us to do so. All email newsletters will contain an unsubscribe link, which you may use to opt-out of any further marketing communications.

You may also request that we restrict processing of your data. This means we are able to continue to store your data, but can no longer make use of it. You may make this request verbally or by emailing us at hello@everythingthoughtfully.co.

6.5 Right to erasure

You have the right to request we delete all personal data from our systems at any time. In some circumstances, outlined by the GDPR we can refuse this request. In all other cases we will ensure your data is removed within one month. You may make this request verbally or by emailing us at hello@everythingthoughtfully.co.

6.6 Right to be informed

If there is ever a security breach of our data storage systems, we will inform all users of the level of risk that their personal data has been obtained.

Your use of our website constitutes your acceptance to our privacy policy.  Thoughtfully regularly reviews its policy to ensure they continue to meet current legislative requirements and the needs of our business.

We welcome any questions or comments in relation to this privacy policy, and advise you to send any such communication to hello@everythingthoughtfully.co